Winter 2015 California Coast Photo Workshop Recap

photographer crouching behind tripod under stormy sky along coast

Our first California Coast photo workshop of the year saw a continuation of the great clouds we saw in Death Valley a few weeks earlier. Despite California’s prolonged drought, we saw some rain, great clouds, and a few rainbows as we photographed the beautiful coastline. Luckily, the rainbow from Jim’s “CSI Friday” was the only omen. Friday evening, Josh held down the fort at our informal Natural Bridges gathering. One could say the last remaining arch is the only reason to start here, but the close proximity to Upper Crust Pizza is certainly in the running. The next morning, we started off on the bluffs overlooking some stellar rocky shelves bathed in a steady stream of crashing waves. The storm clouds waited until the sun came up to give us some golden color, but once it did, the morning light was magical. Rainbows began to form between light showers. Our morning shoot finished up the coast at Bean Hollow where the rainbows continued along with some late morning storm light. The rugged terrain at this location is always one of my personal favorites. Our afternoon saw us make a pit stop to photograph the bright yellow mustard and oxalis growing on the south side of Pigeon Point Lighthouse. However, it was quite apparent the clouds were moving south, and we switched our plan to take full advantage of our fleeting skies. So, off we went to Panther Beach where the sunset did not disappoint…assuming you like drama! You know the light is good when you just give in to getting wet. Just ask William and Keith.

Day 2 started off at Four Mile Beach to photograph its signature sea stack and rocky shelves before we headed up to Pebble Beach for some more of the wild rock formations similar to Beach Hollow as well as the beach’s namesake, the multi-colored pebbles. As the workshop wound down, we decided our best bet for the last remaining clouds was to re-visit Panther Beach, but this time, stay on the north end to catch the golden light against the bluffs. Thanks to Ann, Keith, Daniel, George, Kylie, Keith, and William for joining us! We hope to see you again soon.

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