2023 Palouse Photo Workshop Recap

Photographers on bluff over Palouse River, Washington during workshop

Thanks so much to Sue, Serisha, Shonna, Jim, and Karen for joining me on the 2023 Palouse photo workshop. While we had a lack of the puffy white clouds during mid-day, we did have some nice light at Steptoe, with the interplay of shadow and light that shows off the rolling hillsides so well. And while different, I hope you enjoyed the abandoned hospital tour in Colfax. Even though one of the goals was to get out of the heat, I found it interesting. I hope you all caught up on sleep quickly. It took me about a week to feel normal again. And of course, I hope you all came home with a few images you liked…an no ticks! 🙂

Hope to see you again!

-Jim Patterson

Participants Gallery

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