2021 Palouse Photo Workshop Recap

Photographers on bluff over Palouse River, Washington during workshop

After having to cancel the 2020 workshop to Palouse due to COVID-19, I was thrilled to revisit this area with a full group in 2021! We had some great sunrises and were fortunate to get the “picture perfect Palouse” puffy clouds on one of the days. Those 18 hours of daylight need something to make them worth enduring! 🙂 Thank you to Vinny Pickens for the expert help. And a special thank you to the group: Shaun and Christine for the joining me again and Kotomi, John, Brian, Gary, Pete and Sølvi for coming out for the first time. It was a pleasure to show you around and share in the wonders of the Palouse. Until next time!

-Jim Patterson

Participants Gallery

Christine Coleman

“Thank you for another fabulous weekend workshop! The Palouse was amazing. Its hard to describe with words the beauty and allure of this region. I am thrilled with my pictures. There is a challenge to photographing this area with all the shades of light. In the field my settings were based on ETTR. Honestly, when I saw some of the images in the back of my camera I wasn’t super excited to download. But once I processed the raw images and was able to pull out all the data I had actually captured. WOW!  You and Vinny are always so helpful with the challenges of the extreme lighting for sunrise/sunset. Explaining when/how to bracket and when/how to use my ND filters. This was my THIRD workshop and every time I , “learn something new and I feel the quality of my images improves immensely.  I am pleased with my compositions. Now I have a very good understanding on ETTR. I do see a need to work on sharp focus. A few of my shots that I thought were perfectly sharp are soft when I zoom in. So my next question is “Where are we going to next?” 

I tried to be very deliberate with my shooting during the workshop. I did not want to end up with 3000 photos to sort through and end up deleting. I took just over 600 during the weekend.  It was very hard to select just 5 for the blog. (I actually sent 6). I do need to spend time reviewing Lightroom to learn how to dodge and burn to bring out a few more highlights but I am so pleased with these photos as is. I hope you enjoy them too.”

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