2021 Oregon Coast Photo Workshop Recap

Photographers on bluff over Palouse River, Washington during workshop

Despite all the challenges of the past year and a half, I am grateful for the opportunity to have lead you around to some of my favorite locations along the central and northern Oregon coastline. We learned a new term “bombogenesis” with the bomb cyclone that swooped through. But the doom and gloom of the weather forecast proved only partially accurate, and I am thrilled we were able to be outside as much as we were. The crashing of the waves and salt in the air bring back memories of living on the coast. Thank you to Vinny Pickens for the expert help. And a special thank you to the group: Kotomi, Pete and Sølvi for joining me again, and Guy, Jim, Eleanor, Gary, and Paul for coming out for the first time. Until next time!

-Jim Patterson

Participants Gallery

Guy Hoagland

“It was a great workshop.  I was looking forward to getting better at capturing water in motion.  Little did I realize that so much of the water would be moving vertically from the sky, and that so much of it would be captured in the hood of my jacket!  Not so much light, but some great clouds and good company.”

“Thank you Jim and Vinny for the informative, fun (and very wet 😉 workshop! Look forward to the next workshop wherever it may be!”

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      • Paul Boldin
        Paul Boldin says:

        Thanks, hope to be back out and about for spring. Maybe in time to get some good spring waterfall shots.

        Have a good holiday, and a happy 2022!


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