Winter 2020 Death Valley Photo Workshop Recap #2

photographers on white salt flat with mountain backdrop

A big thank you to Mark, Charlie, Madeleine, Dennis & Rebecca, Anke, Mike, Diane, and Bruce for joining me for the Death Valley Photo Workshop! It seems like a distant memory at this point with the way of the world at present, so I hope we all can agree never to take for granted the opportunity to be outside and around a group of people sharing in the same joy of photographing the outdoors. Please take a moment and look through the images shared by your fellow attendees as well as some behind the scenes moments of you all. From the salt flats to the badlands to the dunes and back to the flats, we covered a lot of variety. Thanks for being a great group…until next time!


-Jim Patterson & Vinny Pickens

Participants Gallery

Diane Lowry

I really loved the workshop. I especially liked the small group size. It allowed the group members to really get to know each other and share ideas. Smaller groups also let us get to cooler places. I also really appreciated all the time we spent shooting and not in the classroom processing, etc. I feel that those things can be done later online if students are interested (you really can’t do everything in a few days!). So, basically, I thought it was perfect. I’d been trying to find the Cotton Ball Basin for some time but it was always too wet to go before – so I finally checked that off the bucket list. Hopefully we’ll all be free to travel again soon and I would love to attend another of your workshops sometime. Vinny was great too!

First, I would like to express my gratitude to you both for the wonderful workshop you put together! Unforgettable place, right in our back yard, I never visited before. And most importantly, we brought great photos back home. All the places you showed us were real treasures on our planet, hidden from an ordinary wanderer. Loved all of them! Particularly memorable were Mesquite Sand Dunes: couldn’t stop shooting, every moment at sunset revealed new light, shades, colors, lines. Very inspirational.

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