2020 California Coast Photo Workshop Recap

photographer along rocky bluff overlooking ocean cove at sunrise

A big thank you to Michael, Carolyn, and Wendy for joining me again and thank you Colleen and Gregg for coming out for the first time on my California Coast Photo Workshop. I hope you all enjoyed the locations we visited from along the central California coast. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to show you my favorite spots, both for seascape photography and for Eggs Benedict! 🙂 I know the last morning required an extra push for the early wake-up, but we were definitely rewarded with one of the best sunrises I’ve seen in awhile. Please take a moment and look through the images shared by your fellow attendees as well as some behind the scenes moments of you all. From Santa Cruz in the north to Big Sur in the south, we certainly covered a lot of ground. Until next time!


-Jim Patterson

Participants Gallery

Carolyn Slay

Had a great time at the workshop. I think the last day at Asilomar beach was my favorite day! What color in the sky. Breakfast was great too. We will definitely think about future workshops with you.

Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I learned so much. Hopefully I can join you again some time.

I personally enjoyed Asilomar Beach and Pescadero Beach

Thank you again for all your help and guidance. I sure learned a lot on the workshop, when we started I didn’t really know what I didn’t know, now I have a god grasp of the basics and have purchased some online courses to fill the evenings while I wait for warmer weather. I sure plan to join you next year in Death Valley.

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