2019 Palouse Photo Workshop Recap

photographer line up along wheat field with sun rising through cottonwood tree

This year’s Palouse photo workshop marked the fifth anniversary of the inaugural run back in 2015. And while we didn’t get the picture perfect puffy Palouse clouds, the quiet feel and charm of this special place was still in abundance. Sunsets and sunrises stood out as visual highlights as our intrepid group powered through 18 hour days. Thank you to Vinny Pickens for the expert help. And a special thank you to the group. We had folks from as far as Hong Kong and stateside from Wisconsin and Colorado join to photograph this little corner of Washington state. Madeleine, Emily, Jim, Greg, Brian and Stephanie, it was a pleasure to show you around and share in the wonders of the Palouse. Until next time!

-Jim Patterson

Participants Gallery

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