2019 Oregon Coast Photography Workshop Recap

photographers smiling along rock wall with coastal forest

First off, a big thank you to Shaun, Wendy, Sally, Sandy, Mark, Charlie, Theron, and Christine for attending my innaugural Oregon Coast Photo Workshop. I truly am grateful for being able to show you the gems of the Oregon Coast and sharing the experience of a photo adventure. From the burning glow of sunset at Cannon Beach the first night, to the perfect tide and wave action at Thor’s Well, we saw a little bit of everything. And we can’t forget the setting sun at Rockaway Beach with the arch framing it so well. I want to thank Vinny Pickens again for the assistance.  Please take a moment to look through the images shared by your fellow attendees as well as some behind the scenes moments of you all. Until next time!


-Jim Patterson

Participants Gallery

Sally Berry

My first shots at Cannon were literally taken “on the fly” as I ran down to the beach after my tardy arrival. Ecola- I wanted to capture the misty ethereal long exposure look before the sun broke the horizon. Twin Rocks – I had a hard time with composition…if only the tide was a not quite as low so I could capture more water shadows 🙂 Bandon – I had several good composition, but decided to share the super long exposure of the line of rocks.

Thank you and Vinny for bringing us this opportunity to visit these sites, giving us perfect weather, plenty of information and lots of fun. Jim, my best tip from you was how to get to my ISO 50 on my camera – so valuable! Vinny, thank you for all your suggestion on composition and exposure timing for my goal. It helped that you knew my camera. Best tip – HAND WARMERS!

My favorite spots were Cannon Beach area/+Ecola, and Bandon. I loved Seal Beach, but not my best day of shooting.

The group:
All of you were fantastic – but I was able to spend more time with some than others.
Theron – Thank you so much for volunteering to drive, making my travel job easy. Great conversation (and music)!
Shaun – Thank you for the encouragement on that windy freezing evening at Bandon – even after my tripod “face planted” in the wet sand. Patagonia gear rocks!
Christine – Much appreciated all your conversation – I can’t imagine the stress of potential home danger during travels. I hope that all is safe (for now).
Wendy – Much appreciated the ride shares and conversation. I know you had to “multitask” during workshop – I understand the complexities 🙂
Sandy – I enjoyed our brief conversations together – once that we finally were able to meet!
Mark – Sorry that I did not get to see more of you, but I commend your bravery to get so close to Thor’s “Roar”
Charlie – enjoyed our conversations and glad that this workshop brought you the farthest distance of all of us!

The location I most enjoyed shooting was Thor’s Hole and what I appreciated the most about you and Vinny was your sincere ongoing willingness to render expert yet accessible info to us. Most informative. I learned a lot! Thanks and looking forward to working with you again in Death Valley.

Thank you for a FABULOUS experience in Oregon. I really see a huge improvement with my photos I have so many from this trip that I am so very happy with the final look. . I am also more aware of what I should be aiming for with my shots. I can also self critique and know what I need to do better next time. I just returned from a few days in Cabo and had a great time going out for sunrise and sunset photos there too! I don’t think I would have had the same experience in Cabo if I had not spent some time with you in Oregon. I was wishing you were both with me in Cabo. There were some great compositions on that beach.

You have put together a very nice itinerary and every spot that was chosen was fantastic. Each day just kept getting better than the previous. We lucked out with a beautiful sunset the first night at Cannon beach. The waves at Thors Well were just perfect and I am glad that I survived the wave! 😉

I think the sea stacks at our last night shoot were my favorite. The look is other-worldly. All I need to add in the background is a huge full moon!

I definitely need to learn Lightroom. I will send my pics in a separate email (s). I am not sure how to resize them and I am afraid they may be very large files – SORRY!

I am looking forward to my next Jim Patterson workshop – See you soon!

Had a great time again in the class, thank you! You and Vinnie were Awesome!!! Hope to take another class with you sometime next year.

Attached are a few photos that I really like, a couple of them are bracketed and made into an HDR.

I love the fun one of all you shooting at Thor’s well when I was over at the side shooting the water breaking into the channel.

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