2018 Palouse Photo Workshop Recap

photographers posing for group photo on grassy overlook

First off, a big “thank you” to Barry, Stephen, Trip, Leslie, Alan, Theron, Colin, and Marco for attending our 2018 Palouse photography workshop with us! We had a blast showing you around to some of our favorite spots out in the hills of the Palouse.  We certainly had a hearty group that seemed to take the early mornings and late evenings in stride! There were bluebird skies, rainfall, crepuscular rays, and even a little “mudslide” on the last day. 🙂 We appreciate the enthusiasm for photographing the beauty found around a bunch of “farm land”. It really is a special place. The images you submitted look great…it’s always a joy to see what others see at the locations we visit. We look forward to seeing you again on a future outing!

A quick recap of locations:

Thursday sunset – Steptoe Butte West Overlook
Friday sunrise – Steptoe Butte East Ridge Flower Spot
Friday day – Idaho Red Barn, Yellow Flower Hill, Cordelia Lutheran Church, and Lone Barn
Friday sunset – Steptoe Butte West Overlook
Saturday sunrise – Weber House, Dahmen Barn
Saturday day – Old Barn near Colfax, Canola Fields near Colfax, Lone House near Washtucna
Saturday sunset – Palouse Falls State Park
Sunday sunrise – Palouse River Overlook

Until next time!

-Jim & Vinny

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