2015 Palouse Photo Workshop Recap

group of photographers posing in front of grassy hillside

First off, a big “thank you” to the wonderful group of photographers who joined us on our first Palouse Photography Workshop. Going in, we wondered how everyone would handle the 4am (or earlier) meeting times! But we powered through it…who needs sleep anyway?!?!

And between the gas station coffee at 4am or tick infestations, we persevered as we roamed the countryside in search of puffy clouds (surprisingly elusive!), rolling green and yellow hills, wildflowers, old barns, and wagon wheel fences. While Cindy barely escaped Palouse Falls with her life, the journey out to the falls was well worth it due to the wonderful sunset we all had the fortune of experiencing. Boom, boom, boom!

Thanks again Cindy, Nadeen, Doug, Nirav, Kevin, Cate, and Ratnesh, it was a pleasure to have you along and to share in the beautiful scenery and camaraderie!

-Jim & little m:)

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