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Thank you for your interest in considering one of my images as a fine art print for your home or office. I have been printing my work since 2003 with several labs and strive to deliver a quality piece with color accuracy. Speaking of which, all monitors and screens may display my work with various color casts. I use a color calibrated 4K monitor and both soft and hard proof most print orders to ensure they are how I intend them to be. Most of my images fall into three aspect ratios. Natively, 3:2 will be the most common with sizes like 12×18, 16×24, 20×30, 24×36, etc. Occasionally, there may be a small crop on my end in which case I will reach out to you to discuss whether you want it cropped or not. I also have some square and panoramic images in 3:1 ratio (12×36, 20×60, 30×90). Again, if there is a crop I need to apply, I will reach out.

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Please note: I have two ecommerce systems on my site. One for the main galleries and one for my workshops, NiSi products, and these print promotions. If you order through the galleries, the cart and checkout links are in my main menu. If you order on the print promotion page, a cart icon should appear in the menu and can also be accessed under the workshops menu.


My paper print options include Kodak Lustre and FujiFlex finishes. Lustre has a nice level of color saturation with a slight texture. It’s easy to handle and resists strong reflections associated with direct light sources and glossy papers. This is a great, affordable option for the home or office where you plan on framing it yourself. FujiFlex has a high gloss, smooth finish for ultimate color and detail. Consider this option if you plan on having the print professionally mounted, matted, and framed with proper lighting. Prints come standard at “full bleed” meaning there will be no white border. If you would like, I can have the image printed with anywhere from 1/2″ to 1″ white border for easier matting and framing.

The gallery wrap canvases are 1.5″ deep and offer a lightweight, more affordable “ready to hang” piece. They come with hanging hardware and are treated with a UV resistant finish. When you order a canvas from me, I will reach out to discuss various options for the sides. The most popular option is to have the entire image fill the front and have the sides be mirrored portions from the main image. I’d say my second most popular option is to have solid black sides. Finally, I can have the full image wrapped which means the edges will be a continuation of the image which does mean the front will have a slight “crop effect” from what you see on your screen.

Metal prints offer yet another lightweight, ready to hang option. The image is printed and mounted onto a thin sheet of aluminum. By default, my metal prints have a semi-gloss finish, 1/8″ rounded corners, and a float mount so the print appears to be off the wall by about 1/2″. If you prefer, full gloss or matte finish options are available. With proper lighting, the full gloss offers the richest colors, but if you know a strong light source may be present (like a window or lamp opposite the print), the matte finish offers the best anti-glare characteristics. Metal prints can also be displayed within a frame. Contact me if you would like to discuss pricing and display options on metal prints.

Finally, I am now offering face mount acrylic prints using FujiFlex paper. These acrylic prints offer an extra layer of depth with how the light passes through the optical acrylic. From the lab’s description:

“The ultra-smooth high gloss surface of Fujiflex features a warmer base tone and extra rich colors. The depth and dimensional quality of Fujiflex is one that almost can’t be described, and begs to be seen firsthand to be believed. This depth helps Fujiflex Crystal Archive Prints reflect light which makes them extra brilliant. Paired with Acrylic, Fujiflex lends a heightened sense of color realism that the viewer feels they can jump into.”

By default, these prints will come ready to hang with a DiBond backing and 1/4″ acrylic face. Non-glare acrylic is available but at an added cost. Contact me for pricing.

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Delivery & Shipping

While I strive to get you your order as promptly as possible, please realize I am in the field from time to time and there may be slight delays in my ability to fulfill your order. That being said, paper prints typically take two weeks. Canvas and metal prints can take 2-4 weeks, and face mount acrylic prints can take 3-4 weeks. Rush services may be available for an extra fee, but please contact me before ordering. I only ship to the USA at present. If you are outside of the US, please reach out and we can discuss a potential digital license where you print yourself or working with a local lab in your area of the world.


I want you to be 100% happy with your prints. As I mentioned earlier, colors you see on your monitor or mobile device may not be 100% accurate to how my files will print. There will always be some level of difference in a finished printed work vs a monitor as our eyes see reflected light and transmitted light differently. If you are ordering a large print and would like a sample print first, please contact me. If a print arrives damaged, please notify me immediately so I can contact my lab to have them handle a reprint.

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