Palouse Photo Gallery

The “Palouse” region of eastern Washington state into western Idaho is characterized by gentle rolling hills that seemingly stretch on forever.  My Palouse photo gallery represent the past seven years of exploring this area. Most of my trips come in late spring when the fields are mixed with vibrant greens and fresh plowed earth. A memorable trip in winter unveiled an entirely different world! Steptoe Butte rises high above the surrounding fields and gives an almost aerial view of the expansive network of manicured fields. Random back roads form a network through the land and around each turn is the possibility for a brief moment of photographic bliss as dappled light moves across the fields. The Palouse River winds its way through the land with Palouse Falls, further to the west, being the pinnacle highlight. Here, a deep canyon with terraced cliffs and a large waterfall attract tourists and photographers alike. Please enjoy my Palouse photo gallery and  if you’d like to join me here, be sure to check out my Palouse Photography Workshop as well!